Interview with Michael Silverblatt on Bookworm

It was quite an honor to talk with Michael Silverblatt on Bookworm earlier this month. Thanks to KCRW and the Bookworm staff as well as Emily Goldman, the Ooligan staff member who interviewed with me.

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Author of The Ghosts Who Travel with Me, a memoir, and Half-Moon Scar, a novel.
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2 Responses to Interview with Michael Silverblatt on Bookworm

  1. louielouai says:

    Just finished your book and found it very enjoyable. Bought it after hearing you on Bookworm, which I listen to every week on my way home from work, and also because I’d just started “Trout Fishing in America.” I immediately put it down and read your book. Now I’ll take it up again with your tale in mind. At the end of your book I found myself missing the peacoat I wore in the sixties.

  2. Thanks! Ah, peacoats. I should get one.

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