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Author of The Ghosts Who Travel with Me, a memoir, and Half-Moon Scar, a novel.

Thirty Days Thirty Poems

Over twenty years ago I fell in love and wrote a flurry of poems because that’s what new lovers often do. But when new love settled into daily love, I returned to prose. Now I’m writing poems again, this time … Continue reading

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The Books that Traveled with Me

Maybe it’s the pandemic; maybe it’s social media rotting my brain; maybe it’s the grief and stress of handling my father’s estate and taking care of my mother, who has Alzheimer’s, but I have found it difficult lately to read … Continue reading

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Books to Awaken Heart and Soul

My writing brain went into hibernation during the pandemic and stayed in its cave for months after my father died. But I never stopped reading. Books have given me solace and hope these last few years; they have kept me … Continue reading

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New Publication: “The Scallop Shell”

The Keepthings is a beautiful journal, lovingly edited by Deborah Way, about the people we’ve lost and how we remember them. I encourage you to follow this page on Instagram and read more of these sweet and tender essays.

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Birthdays Past

There’s something magical about our parents’ lives in the years just before and after we were born. Or maybe it’s only me that finds them magical. My parents met, fell in love, and made me. Out of nothing, something. Out … Continue reading

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On Reading Rebecca Brown’s New Book, You Tell the Stories You Need to Believe

Spring At dusk, six of us walked the long stretch of sand at Cannon Beach, Oregon: three lesbians in butch haircuts and jean jackets, two gay men, and me. I had befriended them in college, but now that I had … Continue reading

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Since my father died unexpectedly in May of a massive stroke and my mother was subsequently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, the only book I have been able to get myself to read is Pema Chödrön’s When Things Fall Apart. The … Continue reading

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Chop leeks, onions, garlic, and tomatoes. Sauté in olive oil until soft. I cook in our small kitchen, chopping on the butcher block cart, and looking down occasionally at the street where masked people walk on their way to the … Continue reading

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On the Beach

At the north end of the campground, in a compound of recreational vehicles, a tall pole sported the Stars and Stripes and the Gadsden flag – the yellow one with the snake hissing, “Don’t tread on me,” the one associated … Continue reading

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Dispatch from Seattle #2

In the picture on the box, several hundred colorful birds perch, fly, and hover on a white background. All have stick legs that look the same on the thousand tiny pieces spread across our dining room table. My spouse Arline … Continue reading

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